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Sell Your Business

The decision to sell your business may be one of the toughest you will have to make. Let us help you find the right buyer & make sure you get the most out of the business you built.


Initial Meeting

The first step of this process is to sit down with our team so we can better understand your goals. It is important for us to get this information so we can find you the right buyer and get your business the most out of it's valuation.


Review Alternatives

Once we have identified and looped in a potential buyer, we will be sure to vet them on your behalf and handle the preliminary conversation. When there are multiple buyers with offers on the table, we will help you navigate this to make sure you are accepting the best offer for you.


Sell Your Business

Once we have identified and selected the right buyer for your business, we will facilitate all aspects of the sale on your behalf. Don't go down this road alone, make sure you have the right facts and a trusted advisor like Patty Vesh. 

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